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Les haulz et les bas & Les Alizés

Les Haulz et les bas & Les Alizés (F)

JOHANNES CICONIA (c.1370-1412)
Celebrating the 600th anniversary of the death of a great European composer

Like many another illegitimate sons of clerics, the Liegois Johannes Ciconia, started his musical carreer as a choirboy. At the age of 20 he moved to Rome, where the Pope personally abolved him of the sin of illegitemacy. His musical influences included Francesco Landini and Antonio Zachara. He lived most of his life as singer and composer in Padua. In his music he fused the Franco-Flemish techniques of his background with the Italian style of his adopted home into a new European sound.

Les haulz et les bas presents a choice of Ciconias brilliant motets, ballads and madrigals with the heraldic sound of shawms and trumpets in the context of the Italian music of his time. We also offer this programme as a joint production with Ensemble Les Alizés, director : Clemence Comte.

soprano: Capucine Keller
recorders: Clémence Comte, Renata Duarte, Rodrigo Calveyra
harp: Angélique Mauillon
fiddle: Liam Fenelly


les haulz et les bas

Ciconia's madrigal Una panthera was dedicated to the Gian Galezzo, the most powerful of the Visconti Dukes. Click on his portrait to listen to the piece!

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