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Click on the options on the left for further information on our programmes on offer and to listen to some music. The ensemble offers a huge range of programmes from the 'classic' trio formation up to large-scale productions for bigger venues and for outdoor events, including co-productions with the dance companies Dança Amorosa from London and Il ballarino from Florence. Co-productions with ensemble Esk (Denmark), the incredible string band Los Otros and the international women's ensemble Belladonna enable an even greater range of musical options.   Two multimedia shows are on offer.  ...And he called for his pipers three  gives an insight into the life and work of a mediaeval wind band. Plus ultra shows music and politics in the life and times of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. We are open to variations on the above programmes, such as the number of performers or adaptations of the contents for particular circumstances (e.g. commemorations). All programmes are available as "lunchtime" (c. 50-60 minutes) or "evening" (two halves of c. 40 minutes with interval) concerts or other formats. More detailed descriptions of all the above programmes are available on request and for most of them detailed notes and title lists are already available - please ask for further information. In any case full programmes and notes will be provided in time for going to press. We are more than happy to work together with other specialists to create new programmes, particularly ones which incorporate new musical discoveries and theories. Commissions for new programmes are welcome.


Music of the Angels
Renaissance Winds
Ad modum tubae
Council of Constance
Johannes Ciconia
The Good, the Bold and the Fearless
Early Folk Music
Mediaeval Summits
Orient & Occident

Early Music & Jazz
ars supernova

Winds & Dance
Alta Danza
A Grand Renaissance Ball

Multimedia Productions
...and he called for his pipers three
Plus Ultra
The Notebook of Zorzi Trombetta

Les haulz et les bas & belladonna
Missa Sevillana

Programmes for Children