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wind music in Venice 1450-1500

ZORZI TROMBETTA DA MODON(1420-1494) had an amazing career, starting as a ship trumpeter on a Venetian galley and ending up as the head of the official city wind band, the Piffari del Doge. He left a diary with fantastic drawings of medieval ships, notes about life on board, accounts of him selling wine to his two shawm-player colleagues and their performances together, sketches of instruments, and polyphonic music. He was the first known professional wind player in history to write down music, artist of the first known picture of a trombone, and founder of a dynasty of Venetian sackbut players. For musicologists this unique document of a medieval musician is an essential link in the chain of the history of music in Venice, the repertoire of medieval wind instruments, and the development of the trombone. In this programme we present all the pieces in this incredibly varied manuscript, together with music for the first Pifferi del Doge.


This concert programme is also available as a digital large-screen slideshow with images from Zorzi Trombetta's notebook.


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